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Working closely with our clients and taking time to listen and identify their needs, we feel is all but lost in today’s business world. We believe our clients come first so we begin every project with their end goal in mind. Once goals are established, we go to work doing what we do best, producing and delivering creative quality.


Brand strategy is what gives your company the market advantage. It is more than just how the brand looks, It's the what, when, where, and why. At Exclusive Concepts, we devise strategies that are based in market research and user assessment, schedule projects and deliverables on a collaborative timeframe, create plans with distinct positioning and establish the reason why consumers should select your company or product in a creative way.


Creativity leads to innovation, and we create unique, leading-edge creative solutions for clients. At Exclusive Concepts, we are thinkers, doers and dreamers. Whether the solution lies in graphic innovations, visual systems, traditional renderings or witty wordplay, we transform ideas into action, putting brands into motion that are aesthetically and emotionally compelling.


At Exclusive Concepts, we are experts at refining complex projects into beautiful, user-friendly designs. Whether your project’s aesthetic is a simple and clean or raw and edgy, we can create a front end that has the look and feel you want alongside a sophisticated backend that brings the desired digital experience to life. From website design and development to domain registration and hosting and social media, ours is a proven approach to interactive design.

Graphic Design

When we first opened our doors, we were solely a graphic design agency. Over the years we’ve expanded our services but our passion for design burns as brightly as ever and drives everything we do. We have a proven track record in brand design and development, as well as print and product design.

The talented Exclusive Concepts team, pride ourselves on our extensive training and experience to combine typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to get the best possible results for our clients.

We offer more than just a graphic design service, we take the time to ensure your message makes sense, your information is presented in a logical hierarchical order and the finished artwork is professional and reflective of your brand and product.



Your logo is the foundation of the brand identity, which is why it needs to be distinct, recognisable and supportive of long-term brand goals. The identities we develop give our clients the foundation they need for delivering wholistic brand experiences. The aim is to increase equity by shaping powerful brand experiences that inspire people to believe in your brand.



For us, design is not about making something pretty or better looking. It’s about expressing the soul of your brand.

We believe that great graphic design comes through knowing our clients and their business. We focus on listening to our clients and asking the questions that bring to light the key issues. Our goal is to understand each client’s specific objectives and direction, then develop solutions to best achieve them.

Consistency is always a priority in the management of any corporate identity or brand as brand consistency contributes to brand recognition and value. This also means that we respect existing brands and will carefully follow guidelines to create seamless communication across all mediums.



In these days of digital communication, a message presented on paper gets more attention than ever before! Exclusive Concepts have the experience and knowledge in print design to ensure you get the most from your printed material. We only work with carefully chosen professional printers and suppliers whom guarantee their print quality.

Our printer liasing service takes the hassle out of printing. Whether you want the most exclusive papers and printing techniques or you simply want the most effective printing for your budget, we have a solution that is right for you.

From Business cards, pricelists and advertising, to promotional material, interior / exterior shop and vehicle signage, you name it, we print it. We create unified collateral systems that communicate core brand ideas, increase recognition and promote your business.

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Naming, Slogans & Taglines

A great brand name and tagline can serve as the commitment to your cause, a salute to your story, a point of difference in your category, and significant assets to your brand.

A great brand name – one that is distinct, memorable, easy to say and emotionally appealing – is a critical element in creating a successful new brand. But it’s also important to understand that a name on its own is just a word, an empty shell, until it is brought to life through design. The brand name and how the brand is executed are equally paramount. Thankfully we’re good at both.

Taglines have become the shorthand for what brands stand for and deliver. We develop taglines that are deceptively simple, yet big in thought, to capture the essence of the brand and evoke an emotional response.

We rely on our experience, wit, creative thinking and visual strength to develop names and taglines for our clients that make sense from a brand-building perspective.

Website Design & Development

Your website works 24 hours a day to present your brand, your business, products, services and your corporate culture to those potential customers. Your website visitors form their opinion about your business based on quality of the presentation. They will also use this information to compare your business against your competitors. Done right, your website can become the greatest marketing and lead generation tool.

Exclusive Concepts is a Melbourne based company with focus on quality. We know how to make your website a valuable asset for your business and believe this can be done when handled by right people.

We design and build websites, often around content management systems (CMS) to give you full editorial control. Thus being said, our goal is to make the process simple, so our custom web design solutions ensure that your unique brand identity is carried through to your online presence.


Standard Inclusions:

Website training for all CMS clients, advanced security, SmartPhone (iPhone, Galaxy etc) and tablet (iPad etc) compatibility, search engine submission, custom favicons and social media links.


Optional extras:

SEO packages including Google Maps and Places, Google Analytics, E-Commerce sites, optimised backend web marketing, database management, content writing or proofing, and more.



Based on current growth figures, mobile internet access should take over desktop internet access by 2014. One of our clients already experiences around 65% of their site visits from a mobile device. The Exclusive Concepts team can help ensure that your mobile visitors have the same exceptional experience of your website as those visiting on a desktop computer or laptop.

Domain Registration & Hosting


Domain name registration is like owning your own piece of real estate on the internet; the right domain name can give your business more credibility and it can become a valuable asset in the future.

Domain names can disappear fast so you need to be able to rely on someone who can register domains for you inexpensively and quickly. You also need a unique domain name to stand out from your competitors; it needs to be easy to spell and memorable. Finding the right domain name can be hard so let us take the hassle out of choosing your new domain name – we’ll help you find one and then register it too.

At Exclusive Concepts, we know that domain name registration need not to be an expensive, time consuming process. Please contact us secure your new domain name today.



We provide website hosting packages that are tailored to your website and needs. Each website is different, so we like to make sure that your hosting will fit the size of your website and the demands of your visitors. All of our hosting packages include personal support. Which means we’ll take care of it for you. One less thing to worry about!



With every hosting package, we include email address creation and hosting for free – that’s right, free! Fully compatible with all email software such as Microsoft Outlook & Macintosh Mail you stay connected wherever you go!


100% Australian

Many web development and hosting companies in Australia host their client’s websites outside of Australia. As part of our standard processes we review our hosting environment on an annual basis and remain firmly convinced that the performance advantages of hosting an Australian website in Australia outweigh any cost savings of taking hosting offshore.

Social Media

Likes, check-ins, hash-tags, timelines, posts… everyone is talking about their online network! Social Media is fast becoming an increasingly important part of business marketing strategies as more organisations use it to build their brand, connect to their potential customers and generate income.

If your business or orginisation is looking to embrace social media it is important to have a plan. Dabbling with the odd social tool (Facebook, Twitter etc) is OK for learning the ropes, but can be potentially damaging, as an unattended and outdated social media profile is in fact worse than not having one at all. The team at Exclusive Concepts can create, develop, plan and implement all your social media needs effectively and affordably.



Perhaps an existing social network isn’t working or working as well as you would like. Exclusive Concepts can build your profile, page, group or community with all the normal features that you would expect from a social network plus a few unique ones. Then we can either assist you in your socialising or act on your behalf.



It is important to integrate your website with your social media activities and vice-versa. At the very least, this means displaying an icon or link to your relevant social network pages or posts. At best it involves feeding your latest update and posts onto you site and allowing people to ‘share’ your site content through their networks with ease.



Social media is a great way to increase your website traffic and followers.  It’s also an excellent platform for sharing your site content and gaining incoming links, which is great for SEO. Social media also encourages interaction with your audience, which further promotes conversation about you and your products and services.

Marketing & Business Development

This section is currently under construction. Please check back soon or contact us for further information.

Bookkeeping Services

Keeping your financial records in order is highly important to the success of any business. By allowing a bookkeeper to handle your dealings in accordance with the ATO, you will be assured that everything is accounted for accurately. Having up to date accounts in today’s financial climate is crucial and it is our mission to provide a hassle free service where we can advise you on best practices for your operations and streamline a method for maximising your cash flow while minimising your accounting expenses.

What defines us from the rest is the ability to redefine the traditional sense of bookkeeping. Upon your request we can implement tailor made systems and spreadsheets to efficiently track and monitor your businesses performance to further develop your existing structure.

While providing total flexibility, onsite or offsite, we offer a customised solution based on your needs of weekly, fortnightly or monthly servicing. Please contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

Personal Concierge / Lifestyle Assistant


If you have a list of outstanding tasks, errands or “to-do’s” and not enough time to get them completed, give them to us! Our highly customised Personal Concierge / Lifestyle Assistant services cater to clients with active personal, professional or social lifestyles, so you can focus on the more important things.

Exclusive Concepts will enhance your lifestyle and save you time and effort by efficiently performing, advising on and arranging a multitude of lifestyle needs for the home or office. We attend to a wide array of tasks from the everyday mundane to the miraculous. It’s often the smallest tasks and the minutest details that matter the most. Ideal for business owners, frequent travellers, homemakers, new parents, seniors and celebrities - anyone wanting to regain control of their time.

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Specialising in business startup and concept production, Exclusive Concepts is a complete branding, design and development firm that is passionate about creating an effective and engaging presence for your business. Our approach is strategic, grounded in creativity & innovation and produces dynamic systems and solutions for business owners of all industries. Developed and flourished entirely through long-term client engagements, word of mouth and the strength of our work. Our philosophy remains as pertinent as when we started: create engaging, well crafted and effective work; learn; build up skills; work with diverse, positive clients and enjoy each working day.  

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We are so pleased with our new website. We love it! The team was very helpful, considering we were not so tech savvy and was always quick to respond to any questions we had. Very professional, listened to our needs, and a joy to work with. We looking forward to working with you in future. Thanks so much!

Carmela Kozbanis – Gypsy Empire

Exclusive Concepts effortless approach and ability to find solutions to design and marketing problems are done with ease and professionalism. Always reliable, prompt and will go the extra mile which is certainly not expected but incredibly appreciated – it shows their passion. Have recommended to many and will continue to do so.

Tracy Bradley / The Makeup Room

I have worked with Monique of Exclusive Concepts for over five years. She has been instrumental in all aspects of our design, website and marketing needs. She works faultlessly and has a rare quality in that she supplies above and beyond expectations, both in the quality of her work, and in her diligence and intelligence. Highly recommended.

Philip Braham – Camberwell Wholistic Health


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